Wollongong tide times

  • Low 06:07am
  • High 12:31pm
  • Low 06:29pm
  • High 12:25am
  • Low 06:47am
  • High 01:19pm
  • Low 07:30pm
  • High 01:19am
  • Low 07:34am
  • High 02:14pm
  • Low 08:40pm
  • High 02:25am
  • Low 08:28am
  • High 03:13pm
  • Low 09:54pm
  • High 03:39am
  • Low 09:29am
  • High 04:14pm
  • Low 11:01pm
  • High 04:50am
  • Low 10:32am
  • High 05:13pm
  • Low 12:00am
  • High 05:53am
  • Low 11:32am
  • High 06:08pm

7 day tide forecast for Wollongong

*These tide times are estimates based on the nearest port (Port Kembla, Australia) and may differ significantly depending on distance. Please note, the tide times given are not suitable for navigational purposes.

Aug 2014 / 06:22 PM

Current weather

Mostly sunny

10°C / 50°F


7 mph SSE



Sunrise: 06:49

Sunset: 17:16

Moon phase: First quarter

Current tide status

Tide is falling (1% full)

Next high tide:

6 hrs 2 mins

Next low tide:

0 hrs 6 mins

Nearest tide stations

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