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Ever since I was in my early teens my life has been tied to the ebb and flow of the tide - this is when I started surfing. Growing up somewhere practically surrounded by sea it only seemed natural.

Twenty something years on and an experienced web developer, I thought it might be fun to build a surf forecasting site. Whilst the original version of this no longer exists I learnt an awful lot about predicting the wind, swells and, perhaps the most challenging - tides.

At some point it occurred to me that providing accurate tide times in a straightforward, easy to understand format might be of benefit to more than just surfers. Knowing the tides is essential for sailing, fishing or just planning a day at the beach.

So, in 2012, TideTime.org was born offering the tide times and heights for thousands of locations around world's coastlines. Since then we haven't stood still. It has been a continuous process of improvement. Not only do we provide accurate, long rage tidal information but we present it on a fast-loading and intuitive website.

TideTime.org is operated by A-Connect Ltd (Company no: 04953895, registered in England and Wales)