Jauca tide calendar

June 2023 Jauca Tides

Thu 0111:24 AM AST −0.17 ft8:58 PM AST 0.76 ft5:49 AM AST6:57 PM AST4:42 PM AST3:37 AM AST
Fri 0211:47 AM AST −0.23 ft9:44 PM AST 0.84 ft5:49 AM AST6:57 PM AST5:42 PM AST4:18 AM AST
Sat 0312:16 PM AST −0.27 ft10:37 PM AST 0.88 ftFull Moon5:49 AM AST6:58 PM AST6:45 PM AST5:05 AM AST
Sun 0412:47 PM AST −0.29 ft11:36 PM AST 0.90 ft5:49 AM AST6:58 PM AST7:51 PM AST5:59 AM AST
Mon 051:17 PM AST −0.29 ft5:49 AM AST6:58 PM AST8:56 PM AST7:00 AM AST
Tue 0612:39 AM AST 0.89 ft1:40 PM AST −0.28 ft5:49 AM AST6:59 PM AST9:57 PM AST8:06 AM AST
Wed 071:40 AM AST 0.86 ft1:53 PM AST −0.24 ft5:49 AM AST6:59 PM AST10:52 PM AST9:13 AM AST
Thu 082:34 AM AST 0.81 ft1:58 PM AST −0.18 ft5:49 AM AST6:59 PM AST11:40 PM AST10:18 AM AST
Fri 093:17 AM AST 0.72 ft2:00 PM AST −0.10 ft5:49 AM AST7:00 PM AST11:21 AM AST
Sat 103:42 AM AST 0.61 ft1:52 PM AST −0.01 ftLast Quarter5:49 AM AST7:00 PM AST12:23 AM AST12:20 PM AST
Sun 111:28 AM AST 0.49 ft12:23 PM AST 0.06 ft5:49 AM AST7:01 PM AST1:02 AM AST1:16 PM AST
Mon 1212:13 AM AST 0.47 ft11:05 AM AST 0.01 ft8:43 PM AST 0.57 ft5:49 AM AST7:01 PM AST1:40 AM AST2:11 PM AST
Tue 1310:55 AM AST −0.06 ft8:59 PM AST 0.70 ft5:49 AM AST7:01 PM AST2:17 AM AST3:06 PM AST
Wed 1410:52 AM AST −0.14 ft9:27 PM AST 0.79 ft5:49 AM AST7:01 PM AST2:55 AM AST4:01 PM AST
Thu 1510:35 AM AST −0.20 ft10:02 PM AST 0.83 ft5:50 AM AST7:02 PM AST3:36 AM AST4:57 PM AST
Fri 1610:23 AM AST −0.25 ft10:45 PM AST 0.84 ft5:50 AM AST7:02 PM AST4:20 AM AST5:54 PM AST
Sat 1710:45 AM AST −0.28 ft11:37 PM AST 0.81 ft5:50 AM AST7:02 PM AST5:07 AM AST6:51 PM AST
Sun 1811:19 AM AST −0.29 ftNew Moon5:50 AM AST7:02 PM AST5:58 AM AST7:46 PM AST
Mon 1912:39 AM AST 0.78 ft11:57 AM AST −0.28 ft5:50 AM AST7:03 PM AST6:52 AM AST8:37 PM AST
Tue 201:43 AM AST 0.75 ft12:36 PM AST −0.26 ft5:50 AM AST7:03 PM AST7:46 AM AST9:24 PM AST
Wed 212:38 AM AST 0.72 ft1:14 PM AST −0.22 ft5:51 AM AST7:03 PM AST8:40 AM AST10:06 PM AST
Thu 223:17 AM AST 0.67 ft1:49 PM AST −0.16 ft5:51 AM AST7:03 PM AST9:32 AM AST10:44 PM AST
Fri 2312:51 AM AST 0.62 ft2:19 PM AST −0.07 ft5:51 AM AST7:04 PM AST10:22 AM AST11:19 PM AST
Sat 2412:56 AM AST 0.59 ft2:32 PM AST 0.05 ft5:51 AM AST7:04 PM AST11:10 AM AST11:52 PM AST
Sun 251:14 AM AST 0.55 ft11:32 AM AST 0.13 ft5:52 AM AST7:04 PM AST11:58 AM AST
Mon 261:30 AM AST 0.50 ft10:41 AM AST 0.09 ft8:37 PM AST 0.46 ft11:51 PM AST 0.44 ftFirst Quarter5:52 AM AST7:04 PM AST12:46 PM AST12:24 AM AST
Tue 271:20 AM AST 0.44 ft10:17 AM AST 0.02 ft7:00 PM AST 0.58 ft5:52 AM AST7:04 PM AST1:35 PM AST12:57 AM AST
Wed 2810:15 AM AST −0.07 ft7:04 PM AST 0.72 ft5:52 AM AST7:04 PM AST2:28 PM AST1:32 AM AST
Thu 2910:33 AM AST −0.16 ft7:37 PM AST 0.84 ft5:53 AM AST7:04 PM AST3:24 PM AST2:10 AM AST
Fri 3011:02 AM AST −0.23 ft8:22 PM AST 0.92 ft5:53 AM AST7:05 PM AST4:26 PM AST2:53 AM AST

The tide timetable below is calculated from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations: