There are no tides in New Castle!

Whilst water levels may change significantly in New Castle over time, this is not due to tides but because of meteorological effects.

True tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun, and in particular the moon. Although there is some effect on the water level this is only in the order of a few centimetres. Even if these small changes were noticeable it is likely they would be masked by larger variations in water levels cused by air pressure and wind.

Other factors that effect the level of smaller bodies of water are largely seasonal, often driven by local rainfall.

Mon 30th Jan 2023

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4°C / 39°F

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Fishing & moon info

Sunrise: 11:59

Sunset: 21:52

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Major Periods

  • Moon overhead
    From 11:13 to 13:13
  • Moon underfoot
    From 23:35 to 1:35

Minor Periods

  • Moonrise
    From 4:29 to 5:29
  • Moonset
    From 17:46 to 18:46
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