Tide Times

Cape Town, South Africa tide calendar

The tide timetable below is calculated from Cape Town, South Africa but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations:

June 2019 Tides

Sat 011:45 AM SAST 1.67 m8:04 AM SAST 0.39 m2:16 PM SAST 1.60 m8:11 PM SAST 0.49 m7:42 AM SAST5:45 PM SAST5:24 AM SAST4:39 PM SAST
Sun 022:21 AM SAST 1.74 m8:39 AM SAST 0.32 m2:52 PM SAST 1.66 m8:49 PM SAST 0.44 m7:43 AM SAST5:45 PM SAST6:26 AM SAST5:17 PM SAST
Mon 032:58 AM SAST 1.78 m9:16 AM SAST 0.28 m3:29 PM SAST 1.71 m9:28 PM SAST 0.41 mNew Moon7:43 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST7:29 AM SAST6:02 PM SAST
Tue 043:37 AM SAST 1.79 m9:53 AM SAST 0.27 m4:08 PM SAST 1.73 m10:09 PM SAST 0.41 m7:44 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST8:33 AM SAST6:53 PM SAST
Wed 054:17 AM SAST 1.77 m10:33 AM SAST 0.29 m4:50 PM SAST 1.72 m10:53 PM SAST 0.44 m7:44 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST9:36 AM SAST7:50 PM SAST
Thu 065:02 AM SAST 1.71 m11:17 AM SAST 0.34 m5:36 PM SAST 1.69 m11:43 PM SAST 0.49 m7:45 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST10:34 AM SAST8:54 PM SAST
Fri 075:50 AM SAST 1.63 m12:05 PM SAST 0.42 m6:27 PM SAST 1.64 m7:45 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST11:27 AM SAST10:00 PM SAST
Sat 0812:41 AM SAST 0.55 m6:46 AM SAST 1.53 m1:01 PM SAST 0.51 m7:26 PM SAST 1.59 m7:46 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST12:13 PM SAST11:08 PM SAST
Sun 091:51 AM SAST 0.61 m7:53 AM SAST 1.44 m2:09 PM SAST 0.59 m8:35 PM SAST 1.55 m7:46 AM SAST5:43 PM SAST12:54 PM SAST
Mon 103:13 AM SAST 0.63 m9:12 AM SAST 1.38 m3:28 PM SAST 0.64 m9:50 PM SAST 1.54 mFirst Quarter7:47 AM SAST5:43 PM SAST1:32 PM SAST12:15 AM SAST
Tue 114:33 AM SAST 0.60 m10:35 AM SAST 1.38 m4:45 PM SAST 0.63 m11:03 PM SAST 1.57 m7:47 AM SAST5:43 PM SAST2:07 PM SAST1:22 AM SAST
Wed 125:43 AM SAST 0.53 m11:48 AM SAST 1.43 m5:52 PM SAST 0.59 m7:48 AM SAST5:43 PM SAST2:41 PM SAST2:27 AM SAST
Thu 1312:06 AM SAST 1.63 m6:40 AM SAST 0.46 m12:46 PM SAST 1.50 m6:48 PM SAST 0.54 m7:48 AM SAST5:43 PM SAST3:16 PM SAST3:31 AM SAST
Fri 141:00 AM SAST 1.68 m7:28 AM SAST 0.40 m1:35 PM SAST 1.57 m7:36 PM SAST 0.50 m7:49 AM SAST5:43 PM SAST3:52 PM SAST4:35 AM SAST
Sat 151:46 AM SAST 1.72 m8:10 AM SAST 0.36 m2:19 PM SAST 1.62 m8:20 PM SAST 0.47 m7:49 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST4:31 PM SAST5:38 AM SAST
Sun 162:27 AM SAST 1.73 m8:48 AM SAST 0.34 m2:58 PM SAST 1.65 m8:59 PM SAST 0.46 m7:49 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST5:14 PM SAST6:41 AM SAST
Mon 173:06 AM SAST 1.72 m9:24 AM SAST 0.34 m3:36 PM SAST 1.66 m9:37 PM SAST 0.47 mFull Moon7:50 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST6:01 PM SAST7:41 AM SAST
Tue 183:43 AM SAST 1.69 m9:57 AM SAST 0.36 m4:12 PM SAST 1.66 m10:13 PM SAST 0.50 m7:50 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST6:52 PM SAST8:37 AM SAST
Wed 194:19 AM SAST 1.64 m10:29 AM SAST 0.40 m4:48 PM SAST 1.63 m10:49 PM SAST 0.54 m7:50 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST7:45 PM SAST9:29 AM SAST
Thu 204:54 AM SAST 1.58 m11:03 AM SAST 0.45 m5:25 PM SAST 1.60 m11:27 PM SAST 0.59 m7:50 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST8:40 PM SAST10:15 AM SAST
Fri 215:30 AM SAST 1.51 m11:37 AM SAST 0.50 m6:03 PM SAST 1.55 m7:51 AM SAST5:44 PM SAST9:36 PM SAST10:56 AM SAST
Sat 2212:07 AM SAST 0.65 m6:08 AM SAST 1.43 m12:14 PM SAST 0.57 m6:43 PM SAST 1.49 m7:51 AM SAST5:45 PM SAST10:31 PM SAST11:32 AM SAST
Sun 2312:53 AM SAST 0.70 m6:52 AM SAST 1.35 m12:57 PM SAST 0.64 m7:29 PM SAST 1.44 m7:51 AM SAST5:45 PM SAST11:26 PM SAST12:05 PM SAST
Mon 241:48 AM SAST 0.74 m7:43 AM SAST 1.29 m1:49 PM SAST 0.70 m8:22 PM SAST 1.41 m7:51 AM SAST5:45 PM SAST12:35 PM SAST
Tue 252:53 AM SAST 0.76 m8:48 AM SAST 1.24 m2:53 PM SAST 0.75 m9:24 PM SAST 1.39 mLast Quarter7:51 AM SAST5:45 PM SAST12:21 AM SAST1:04 PM SAST
Wed 264:03 AM SAST 0.74 m10:03 AM SAST 1.24 m4:03 PM SAST 0.76 m10:30 PM SAST 1.41 m7:52 AM SAST5:46 PM SAST1:15 AM SAST1:33 PM SAST
Thu 275:08 AM SAST 0.69 m11:15 AM SAST 1.28 m5:10 PM SAST 0.73 m11:30 PM SAST 1.46 m7:52 AM SAST5:46 PM SAST2:11 AM SAST2:03 PM SAST
Fri 286:03 AM SAST 0.61 m12:14 PM SAST 1.36 m6:08 PM SAST 0.67 m7:52 AM SAST5:46 PM SAST3:09 AM SAST2:35 PM SAST
Sat 2912:23 AM SAST 1.53 m6:51 AM SAST 0.51 m1:04 PM SAST 1.45 m6:59 PM SAST 0.60 m7:52 AM SAST5:47 PM SAST4:09 AM SAST3:11 PM SAST
Sun 301:11 AM SAST 1.61 m7:35 AM SAST 0.42 m1:49 PM SAST 1.55 m7:46 PM SAST 0.52 m7:52 AM SAST5:47 PM SAST5:11 AM SAST3:52 PM SAST