Tide Times

Belawan Channel, Sumatra, Indonesia tide calendar

The tide timetable below is calculated from Belawan Channel, Sumatra, Indonesia but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations:

February 2020 Tides

Sat 015:05 AM WIB 6.08 ft11:32 AM WIB 2.30 ft6:12 PM WIB 6.24 ft6:39 AM WIB6:37 PM WIB11:46 AM WIB
Sun 0212:14 AM WIB 3.62 ft5:48 AM WIB 5.54 ft12:13 PM WIB 2.76 ft7:09 PM WIB 6.04 ftFirst Quarter6:39 AM WIB6:37 PM WIB12:28 PM WIB12:11 AM WIB
Mon 031:34 AM WIB 3.80 ft6:58 AM WIB 5.02 ft1:15 PM WIB 3.22 ft8:28 PM WIB 5.96 ft6:39 AM WIB6:37 PM WIB1:12 PM WIB12:57 AM WIB
Tue 043:30 AM WIB 3.65 ft9:07 AM WIB 4.77 ft2:53 PM WIB 3.52 ft9:56 PM WIB 6.14 ft6:39 AM WIB6:37 PM WIB2:00 PM WIB1:45 AM WIB
Wed 055:00 AM WIB 3.10 ft11:02 AM WIB 5.09 ft4:32 PM WIB 3.44 ft11:04 PM WIB 6.53 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB2:52 PM WIB2:37 AM WIB
Thu 065:55 AM WIB 2.40 ft12:06 PM WIB 5.65 ft5:40 PM WIB 3.12 ft11:56 PM WIB 7.02 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB3:49 PM WIB3:32 AM WIB
Fri 076:37 AM WIB 1.70 ft12:52 PM WIB 6.26 ft6:31 PM WIB 2.72 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB4:48 PM WIB4:31 AM WIB
Sat 0812:39 AM WIB 7.50 ft7:15 AM WIB 1.07 ft1:32 PM WIB 6.82 ft7:15 PM WIB 2.33 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB5:49 PM WIB5:30 AM WIB
Sun 091:19 AM WIB 7.91 ft7:51 AM WIB 0.56 ft2:09 PM WIB 7.28 ft7:56 PM WIB 2.01 ftFull Moon6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB6:49 PM WIB6:29 AM WIB
Mon 101:58 AM WIB 8.17 ft8:27 AM WIB 0.23 ft2:46 PM WIB 7.60 ft8:35 PM WIB 1.81 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB7:48 PM WIB7:26 AM WIB
Tue 112:36 AM WIB 8.25 ft9:03 AM WIB 0.13 ft3:23 PM WIB 7.75 ft9:15 PM WIB 1.76 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB8:44 PM WIB8:21 AM WIB
Wed 123:14 AM WIB 8.12 ft9:40 AM WIB 0.27 ft4:01 PM WIB 7.72 ft9:55 PM WIB 1.88 ft6:39 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB9:39 PM WIB9:13 AM WIB
Thu 133:53 AM WIB 7.75 ft10:17 AM WIB 0.64 ft4:40 PM WIB 7.50 ft10:38 PM WIB 2.16 ft6:39 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB10:32 PM WIB10:03 AM WIB
Fri 144:34 AM WIB 7.19 ft10:55 AM WIB 1.21 ft5:22 PM WIB 7.15 ft11:25 PM WIB 2.56 ft6:39 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB11:25 PM WIB10:53 AM WIB
Sat 155:18 AM WIB 6.48 ft11:36 AM WIB 1.92 ft6:09 PM WIB 6.71 ft6:39 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB11:43 AM WIB
Sun 1612:24 AM WIB 3.01 ft6:12 AM WIB 5.70 ft12:24 PM WIB 2.69 ft7:10 PM WIB 6.26 ftLast Quarter6:39 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB12:18 AM WIB12:34 PM WIB
Mon 171:50 AM WIB 3.35 ft7:39 AM WIB 5.01 ft1:35 PM WIB 3.40 ft8:38 PM WIB 5.98 ft6:39 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB1:12 AM WIB1:26 PM WIB
Tue 183:56 AM WIB 3.27 ft10:11 AM WIB 4.86 ft3:37 PM WIB 3.77 ft10:19 PM WIB 6.05 ft6:38 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB2:06 AM WIB2:19 PM WIB
Wed 195:28 AM WIB 2.76 ft11:52 AM WIB 5.30 ft5:17 PM WIB 3.64 ft11:30 PM WIB 6.37 ft6:38 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB3:01 AM WIB3:13 PM WIB
Thu 206:20 AM WIB 2.20 ft12:43 PM WIB 5.81 ft6:15 PM WIB 3.32 ft6:38 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB3:54 AM WIB4:06 PM WIB
Fri 2112:18 AM WIB 6.73 ft6:57 AM WIB 1.73 ft1:18 PM WIB 6.26 ft6:56 PM WIB 2.98 ft6:38 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB4:45 AM WIB4:57 PM WIB
Sat 2212:55 AM WIB 7.05 ft7:28 AM WIB 1.37 ft1:47 PM WIB 6.61 ft7:28 PM WIB 2.68 ft6:38 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB5:34 AM WIB5:46 PM WIB
Sun 231:26 AM WIB 7.29 ft7:54 AM WIB 1.13 ft2:12 PM WIB 6.89 ft7:57 PM WIB 2.44 ftNew Moon6:37 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB6:20 AM WIB6:33 PM WIB
Mon 241:54 AM WIB 7.44 ft8:19 AM WIB 1.00 ft2:35 PM WIB 7.10 ft8:24 PM WIB 2.25 ft6:37 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB7:03 AM WIB7:18 PM WIB
Tue 252:21 AM WIB 7.50 ft8:42 AM WIB 0.96 ft2:58 PM WIB 7.23 ft8:50 PM WIB 2.15 ft6:37 AM WIB6:39 PM WIB7:44 AM WIB8:01 PM WIB
Wed 262:47 AM WIB 7.46 ft9:05 AM WIB 1.01 ft3:21 PM WIB 7.29 ft9:16 PM WIB 2.12 ft6:37 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB8:24 AM WIB8:43 PM WIB
Thu 273:12 AM WIB 7.33 ft9:29 AM WIB 1.17 ft3:46 PM WIB 7.26 ft9:43 PM WIB 2.19 ft6:36 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB9:04 AM WIB9:25 PM WIB
Fri 283:38 AM WIB 7.09 ft9:53 AM WIB 1.41 ft4:11 PM WIB 7.15 ft10:12 PM WIB 2.35 ft6:36 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB9:43 AM WIB10:07 PM WIB
Sat 294:06 AM WIB 6.75 ft10:18 AM WIB 1.76 ft4:39 PM WIB 6.94 ft10:44 PM WIB 2.60 ft6:36 AM WIB6:38 PM WIB10:24 AM WIB10:51 PM WIB