Tide Times

Tanjung Priok, Java, Indonesia tide calendar

The tide timetable below is calculated from Tanjung Priok, Java, Indonesia but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations:

January 2020 Tides

Wed 0110:29 AM WIB 0.88 m11:38 PM WIB 0.33 m5:41 AM WIB6:09 PM WIB10:30 AM WIB10:58 PM WIB
Thu 029:53 AM WIB 0.85 m11:42 PM WIB 0.38 m5:42 AM WIB6:10 PM WIB11:14 AM WIB11:37 PM WIB
Fri 039:19 AM WIB 0.84 m11:28 PM WIB 0.42 mFirst Quarter5:42 AM WIB6:10 PM WIB11:57 AM WIB
Sat 048:53 AM WIB 0.85 m10:17 PM WIB 0.45 m5:43 AM WIB6:11 PM WIB12:40 PM WIB12:16 AM WIB
Sun 058:39 AM WIB 0.89 m6:06 PM WIB 0.40 m5:43 AM WIB6:11 PM WIB1:25 PM WIB12:55 AM WIB
Mon 068:35 AM WIB 0.93 m5:59 PM WIB 0.33 m5:44 AM WIB6:11 PM WIB2:12 PM WIB1:37 AM WIB
Tue 078:41 AM WIB 0.99 m6:14 PM WIB 0.26 m5:44 AM WIB6:12 PM WIB3:02 PM WIB2:21 AM WIB
Wed 088:55 AM WIB 1.04 m6:39 PM WIB 0.21 m5:45 AM WIB6:12 PM WIB3:55 PM WIB3:09 AM WIB
Thu 099:15 AM WIB 1.09 m7:10 PM WIB 0.17 m5:45 AM WIB6:13 PM WIB4:52 PM WIB4:02 AM WIB
Fri 109:40 AM WIB 1.13 m7:47 PM WIB 0.15 m5:46 AM WIB6:13 PM WIB5:51 PM WIB4:58 AM WIB
Sat 1110:08 AM WIB 1.14 m8:25 PM WIB 0.15 mFull Moon5:46 AM WIB6:13 PM WIB6:50 PM WIB5:58 AM WIB
Sun 1210:37 AM WIB 1.13 m9:02 PM WIB 0.17 m5:47 AM WIB6:13 PM WIB7:48 PM WIB6:58 AM WIB
Mon 1311:05 AM WIB 1.08 m9:34 PM WIB 0.21 m5:47 AM WIB6:14 PM WIB8:43 PM WIB7:58 AM WIB
Tue 1411:28 AM WIB 1.00 m9:58 PM WIB 0.27 m5:47 AM WIB6:14 PM WIB9:35 PM WIB8:56 AM WIB
Wed 1511:32 AM WIB 0.90 m10:12 PM WIB 0.33 m5:48 AM WIB6:14 PM WIB10:24 PM WIB9:52 AM WIB
Thu 1610:16 AM WIB 0.80 m10:13 PM WIB 0.38 m5:48 AM WIB6:14 PM WIB11:12 PM WIB10:45 AM WIB
Fri 178:09 AM WIB 0.80 m9:52 PM WIB 0.42 mLast Quarter5:49 AM WIB6:15 PM WIB11:59 PM WIB11:38 AM WIB
Sat 187:41 AM WIB 0.88 m6:00 PM WIB 0.41 m5:49 AM WIB6:15 PM WIB12:30 PM WIB
Sun 197:48 AM WIB 0.96 m5:15 PM WIB 0.31 m5:50 AM WIB6:15 PM WIB12:47 AM WIB1:23 PM WIB
Mon 208:10 AM WIB 1.03 m5:30 PM WIB 0.24 m5:50 AM WIB6:15 PM WIB1:36 AM WIB2:17 PM WIB
Tue 218:38 AM WIB 1.08 m5:58 PM WIB 0.19 m5:51 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB2:27 AM WIB3:12 PM WIB
Wed 229:07 AM WIB 1.10 m6:30 PM WIB 0.17 m5:51 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB3:20 AM WIB4:07 PM WIB
Thu 239:36 AM WIB 1.10 m7:03 PM WIB 0.17 m5:51 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB4:13 AM WIB5:01 PM WIB
Fri 2410:02 AM WIB 1.08 m7:38 PM WIB 0.19 m5:52 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB5:07 AM WIB5:54 PM WIB
Sat 2510:23 AM WIB 1.05 m8:12 PM WIB 0.22 mNew Moon5:52 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB6:00 AM WIB6:43 PM WIB
Sun 2610:39 AM WIB 1.01 m8:44 PM WIB 0.25 m5:52 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB6:51 AM WIB7:30 PM WIB
Mon 2710:47 AM WIB 0.96 m9:12 PM WIB 0.30 m5:53 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB7:39 AM WIB8:13 PM WIB
Tue 2810:45 AM WIB 0.91 m9:33 PM WIB 0.34 m5:53 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB8:25 AM WIB8:54 PM WIB
Wed 2910:31 AM WIB 0.86 m9:40 PM WIB 0.39 m5:53 AM WIB6:16 PM WIB9:09 AM WIB9:33 PM WIB
Thu 3010:01 AM WIB 0.81 m9:19 PM WIB 0.43 m5:54 AM WIB6:17 PM WIB9:52 AM WIB10:12 PM WIB
Fri 319:14 AM WIB 0.78 m7:59 PM WIB 0.46 m5:54 AM WIB6:17 PM WIB10:34 AM WIB10:51 PM WIB