Sheigis Beacon tide calendar

December 2021 Sheigis Beacon Tides

Wed 015:49 AM NZDT 1.89 m11:38 AM NZDT 0.51 m6:11 PM NZDT 2.05 m6:06 AM NZDT8:25 PM NZDT3:48 AM NZDT4:41 PM NZDT
Thu 0212:14 AM NZDT 0.38 m6:53 AM NZDT 2.00 m12:38 PM NZDT 0.43 m7:11 PM NZDT 2.12 m6:06 AM NZDT8:26 PM NZDT4:20 AM NZDT5:52 PM NZDT
Fri 031:10 AM NZDT 0.27 m7:54 AM NZDT 2.13 m1:36 PM NZDT 0.35 m8:10 PM NZDT 2.20 m6:06 AM NZDT8:27 PM NZDT4:56 AM NZDT7:07 PM NZDT
Sat 042:05 AM NZDT 0.17 m8:52 AM NZDT 2.26 m2:33 PM NZDT 0.28 m9:08 PM NZDT 2.26 mNew Moon6:06 AM NZDT8:28 PM NZDT5:38 AM NZDT8:24 PM NZDT
Sun 052:59 AM NZDT 0.10 m9:48 AM NZDT 2.37 m3:28 PM NZDT 0.24 m10:05 PM NZDT 2.30 m6:05 AM NZDT8:28 PM NZDT6:28 AM NZDT9:38 PM NZDT
Mon 063:52 AM NZDT 0.07 m10:43 AM NZDT 2.43 m4:23 PM NZDT 0.23 m11:01 PM NZDT 2.30 m6:05 AM NZDT8:29 PM NZDT7:27 AM NZDT10:46 PM NZDT
Tue 074:44 AM NZDT 0.09 m11:38 AM NZDT 2.44 m5:19 PM NZDT 0.25 m11:55 PM NZDT 2.27 m6:05 AM NZDT8:30 PM NZDT8:34 AM NZDT11:44 PM NZDT
Wed 085:36 AM NZDT 0.15 m12:32 PM NZDT 2.41 m6:13 PM NZDT 0.29 m6:06 AM NZDT8:31 PM NZDT9:45 AM NZDT
Thu 0912:50 AM NZDT 2.21 m6:28 AM NZDT 0.23 m1:26 PM NZDT 2.34 m7:07 PM NZDT 0.35 m6:06 AM NZDT8:32 PM NZDT10:56 AM NZDT12:32 AM NZDT
Fri 101:43 AM NZDT 2.13 m7:21 AM NZDT 0.33 m2:20 PM NZDT 2.25 m8:00 PM NZDT 0.40 m6:06 AM NZDT8:32 PM NZDT12:03 PM NZDT1:11 AM NZDT
Sat 112:37 AM NZDT 2.04 m8:15 AM NZDT 0.42 m3:14 PM NZDT 2.17 m8:52 PM NZDT 0.45 mFirst Quarter6:06 AM NZDT8:33 PM NZDT1:06 PM NZDT1:44 AM NZDT
Sun 123:32 AM NZDT 1.96 m9:08 AM NZDT 0.51 m4:07 PM NZDT 2.09 m9:45 PM NZDT 0.48 m6:06 AM NZDT8:34 PM NZDT2:07 PM NZDT2:12 AM NZDT
Mon 134:30 AM NZDT 1.90 m10:04 AM NZDT 0.57 m5:00 PM NZDT 2.03 m10:37 PM NZDT 0.49 m6:06 AM NZDT8:35 PM NZDT3:05 PM NZDT2:39 AM NZDT
Tue 145:30 AM NZDT 1.88 m11:01 AM NZDT 0.61 m5:53 PM NZDT 1.98 m11:30 PM NZDT 0.49 m6:06 AM NZDT8:35 PM NZDT4:03 PM NZDT3:04 AM NZDT
Wed 156:27 AM NZDT 1.89 m11:58 AM NZDT 0.62 m6:44 PM NZDT 1.95 m6:07 AM NZDT8:36 PM NZDT5:00 PM NZDT3:30 AM NZDT
Thu 1612:21 AM NZDT 0.48 m7:20 AM NZDT 1.92 m12:51 PM NZDT 0.62 m7:34 PM NZDT 1.94 m6:07 AM NZDT8:37 PM NZDT5:58 PM NZDT3:58 AM NZDT
Fri 171:09 AM NZDT 0.47 m8:09 AM NZDT 1.95 m1:40 PM NZDT 0.61 m8:21 PM NZDT 1.93 m6:07 AM NZDT8:37 PM NZDT6:56 PM NZDT4:29 AM NZDT
Sat 181:55 AM NZDT 0.46 m8:54 AM NZDT 1.98 m2:24 PM NZDT 0.60 m9:04 PM NZDT 1.93 m6:08 AM NZDT8:38 PM NZDT7:53 PM NZDT5:03 AM NZDT
Sun 192:38 AM NZDT 0.44 m9:36 AM NZDT 2.01 m3:05 PM NZDT 0.59 m9:45 PM NZDT 1.94 mFull Moon6:08 AM NZDT8:38 PM NZDT8:49 PM NZDT5:43 AM NZDT
Mon 203:18 AM NZDT 0.43 m10:15 AM NZDT 2.03 m3:46 PM NZDT 0.58 m10:23 PM NZDT 1.94 m6:09 AM NZDT8:39 PM NZDT9:42 PM NZDT6:29 AM NZDT
Tue 213:57 AM NZDT 0.42 m10:52 AM NZDT 2.04 m4:27 PM NZDT 0.57 m11:01 PM NZDT 1.94 m6:09 AM NZDT8:40 PM NZDT10:29 PM NZDT7:20 AM NZDT
Wed 224:36 AM NZDT 0.42 m11:28 AM NZDT 2.05 m5:09 PM NZDT 0.56 m11:39 PM NZDT 1.94 m6:10 AM NZDT8:40 PM NZDT11:12 PM NZDT8:16 AM NZDT
Thu 235:17 AM NZDT 0.42 m12:05 PM NZDT 2.05 m5:52 PM NZDT 0.56 m6:10 AM NZDT8:40 PM NZDT11:48 PM NZDT9:15 AM NZDT
Fri 2412:19 AM NZDT 1.93 m5:58 AM NZDT 0.44 m12:44 PM NZDT 2.04 m6:36 PM NZDT 0.55 m6:11 AM NZDT8:41 PM NZDT10:15 AM NZDT
Sat 251:00 AM NZDT 1.90 m6:42 AM NZDT 0.47 m1:25 PM NZDT 2.02 m7:21 PM NZDT 0.55 m6:11 AM NZDT8:41 PM NZDT12:21 AM NZDT11:16 AM NZDT
Sun 261:43 AM NZDT 1.88 m7:27 AM NZDT 0.49 m2:08 PM NZDT 2.00 m8:07 PM NZDT 0.53 m6:12 AM NZDT8:42 PM NZDT12:51 AM NZDT12:17 PM NZDT
Mon 272:29 AM NZDT 1.87 m8:15 AM NZDT 0.52 m2:55 PM NZDT 2.00 m8:55 PM NZDT 0.51 mLast Quarter6:12 AM NZDT8:42 PM NZDT1:20 AM NZDT1:20 PM NZDT
Tue 283:20 AM NZDT 1.87 m9:07 AM NZDT 0.53 m3:45 PM NZDT 2.01 m9:47 PM NZDT 0.48 m6:13 AM NZDT8:42 PM NZDT1:48 AM NZDT2:24 PM NZDT
Wed 294:16 AM NZDT 1.89 m10:04 AM NZDT 0.53 m4:39 PM NZDT 2.04 m10:43 PM NZDT 0.43 m6:14 AM NZDT8:43 PM NZDT2:17 AM NZDT3:30 PM NZDT
Thu 305:19 AM NZDT 1.95 m11:06 AM NZDT 0.51 m5:37 PM NZDT 2.07 m11:41 PM NZDT 0.37 m6:14 AM NZDT8:43 PM NZDT2:49 AM NZDT4:41 PM NZDT
Fri 316:24 AM NZDT 2.04 m12:10 PM NZDT 0.48 m6:40 PM NZDT 2.12 m6:15 AM NZDT8:43 PM NZDT3:26 AM NZDT5:55 PM NZDT

The tide timetable below is calculated from Sheigis Beacon, New Zealand but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations: