Tide Times

Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland tide calendar

The tide timetable below is calculated from Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations:

September 2019 Tides

Sun 0112:39 AM BST 2.41 m6:52 AM BST 0.10 m1:13 PM BST 2.25 m7:05 PM BST 0.43 m5:58 AM BST8:09 PM BST8:35 AM BST9:13 PM BST
Mon 021:24 AM BST 2.43 m7:37 AM BST 0.14 m1:57 PM BST 2.19 m7:48 PM BST 0.46 m6:00 AM BST8:06 PM BST10:12 AM BST9:24 PM BST
Tue 032:10 AM BST 2.37 m8:22 AM BST 0.27 m2:41 PM BST 2.10 m8:32 PM BST 0.55 m6:02 AM BST8:03 PM BST11:46 AM BST9:37 PM BST
Wed 042:57 AM BST 2.25 m9:08 AM BST 0.46 m3:26 PM BST 1.98 m9:20 PM BST 0.67 m6:05 AM BST8:00 PM BST1:17 PM BST9:52 PM BST
Thu 053:47 AM BST 2.08 m9:59 AM BST 0.67 m4:14 PM BST 1.87 m10:15 PM BST 0.80 m6:07 AM BST7:57 PM BST2:45 PM BST10:12 PM BST
Fri 064:43 AM BST 1.91 m10:59 AM BST 0.87 m5:08 PM BST 1.77 m11:34 PM BST 0.91 mFirst Quarter6:10 AM BST7:54 PM BST4:05 PM BST10:40 PM BST
Sat 075:49 AM BST 1.75 m12:24 PM BST 1.01 m6:13 PM BST 1.71 m6:12 AM BST7:51 PM BST5:14 PM BST11:19 PM BST
Sun 081:19 AM BST 0.94 m7:13 AM BST 1.66 m1:47 PM BST 1.05 m7:33 PM BST 1.72 m6:14 AM BST7:48 PM BST6:08 PM BST
Mon 092:34 AM BST 0.89 m8:49 AM BST 1.67 m2:49 PM BST 1.02 m8:54 PM BST 1.80 m6:17 AM BST7:45 PM BST6:48 PM BST12:10 AM BST
Tue 103:30 AM BST 0.80 m9:49 AM BST 1.75 m3:38 PM BST 0.95 m9:50 PM BST 1.91 m6:19 AM BST7:42 PM BST7:15 PM BST1:14 AM BST
Wed 114:14 AM BST 0.72 m10:32 AM BST 1.83 m4:18 PM BST 0.87 m10:33 PM BST 2.01 m6:21 AM BST7:39 PM BST7:34 PM BST2:26 AM BST
Thu 124:51 AM BST 0.63 m11:08 AM BST 1.92 m4:54 PM BST 0.79 m11:10 PM BST 2.09 m6:24 AM BST7:36 PM BST7:48 PM BST3:41 AM BST
Fri 135:23 AM BST 0.57 m11:42 AM BST 1.98 m5:26 PM BST 0.71 m11:43 PM BST 2.15 m6:26 AM BST7:33 PM BST7:59 PM BST4:58 AM BST
Sat 145:53 AM BST 0.52 m12:13 PM BST 2.02 m5:58 PM BST 0.66 mFull Moon6:28 AM BST7:30 PM BST8:08 PM BST6:14 AM BST
Sun 1512:15 AM BST 2.18 m6:22 AM BST 0.49 m12:43 PM BST 2.04 m6:28 PM BST 0.62 m6:31 AM BST7:26 PM BST8:16 PM BST7:29 AM BST
Mon 1612:45 AM BST 2.18 m6:52 AM BST 0.49 m1:12 PM BST 2.03 m6:59 PM BST 0.61 m6:33 AM BST7:23 PM BST8:24 PM BST8:45 AM BST
Tue 171:15 AM BST 2.15 m7:22 AM BST 0.51 m1:41 PM BST 2.00 m7:31 PM BST 0.63 m6:36 AM BST7:20 PM BST8:34 PM BST10:02 AM BST
Wed 181:47 AM BST 2.10 m7:53 AM BST 0.57 m2:12 PM BST 1.96 m8:05 PM BST 0.67 m6:38 AM BST7:17 PM BST8:45 PM BST11:20 AM BST
Thu 192:21 AM BST 2.03 m8:26 AM BST 0.66 m2:46 PM BST 1.90 m8:42 PM BST 0.74 m6:40 AM BST7:14 PM BST8:59 PM BST12:40 PM BST
Fri 202:59 AM BST 1.93 m9:02 AM BST 0.76 m3:25 PM BST 1.83 m9:24 PM BST 0.82 m6:43 AM BST7:11 PM BST9:19 PM BST2:01 PM BST
Sat 213:45 AM BST 1.83 m9:45 AM BST 0.88 m4:13 PM BST 1.76 m10:16 PM BST 0.91 m6:45 AM BST7:08 PM BST9:49 PM BST3:19 PM BST
Sun 224:42 AM BST 1.73 m10:41 AM BST 0.98 m5:15 PM BST 1.70 m11:29 PM BST 0.95 mLast Quarter6:47 AM BST7:05 PM BST10:34 PM BST4:29 PM BST
Mon 235:57 AM BST 1.67 m12:04 PM BST 1.05 m6:31 PM BST 1.70 m6:50 AM BST7:02 PM BST11:38 PM BST5:25 PM BST
Tue 241:12 AM BST 0.91 m7:22 AM BST 1.70 m1:56 PM BST 1.01 m7:51 PM BST 1.76 m6:52 AM BST6:59 PM BST6:05 PM BST
Wed 252:34 AM BST 0.76 m8:45 AM BST 1.81 m3:04 PM BST 0.89 m9:02 PM BST 1.90 m6:54 AM BST6:56 PM BST1:01 AM BST6:32 PM BST
Thu 263:30 AM BST 0.57 m9:49 AM BST 1.97 m3:54 PM BST 0.74 m9:59 PM BST 2.08 m6:57 AM BST6:53 PM BST2:35 AM BST6:51 PM BST
Fri 274:18 AM BST 0.37 m10:39 AM BST 2.12 m4:38 PM BST 0.60 m10:49 PM BST 2.24 m6:59 AM BST6:50 PM BST4:14 AM BST7:06 PM BST
Sat 285:03 AM BST 0.22 m11:25 AM BST 2.23 m5:21 PM BST 0.48 m11:35 PM BST 2.38 mNew Moon7:02 AM BST6:47 PM BST5:54 AM BST7:18 PM BST
Sun 295:47 AM BST 0.13 m12:08 PM BST 2.29 m6:02 PM BST 0.41 m7:04 AM BST6:44 PM BST7:34 AM BST7:29 PM BST
Mon 3012:19 AM BST 2.45 m6:30 AM BST 0.13 m12:49 PM BST 2.29 m6:43 PM BST 0.39 m7:06 AM BST6:41 PM BST9:12 AM BST7:41 PM BST