Tide Times

St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands tide calendar

The tide timetable below is calculated from St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations:

July 2020 Tides

Wed 013:21 AM BST 9.20 m10:05 AM BST 2.77 m4:00 PM BST 9.28 m10:38 PM BST 2.70 m5:07 AM BST9:16 PM BST5:18 PM BST2:24 AM BST
Thu 024:29 AM BST 9.45 m11:12 AM BST 2.50 m5:04 PM BST 9.67 m11:42 PM BST 2.31 m5:08 AM BST9:16 PM BST6:37 PM BST2:53 AM BST
Fri 035:32 AM BST 9.78 m12:13 PM BST 2.22 m6:02 PM BST 10.08 m5:09 AM BST9:16 PM BST7:52 PM BST3:28 AM BST
Sat 0412:42 AM BST 1.96 m6:28 AM BST 10.09 m1:09 PM BST 2.00 m6:54 PM BST 10.41 m5:09 AM BST9:15 PM BST8:58 PM BST4:12 AM BST
Sun 051:36 AM BST 1.70 m7:18 AM BST 10.30 m2:00 PM BST 1.89 m7:40 PM BST 10.61 mFull Moon5:10 AM BST9:15 PM BST9:53 PM BST5:06 AM BST
Mon 062:25 AM BST 1.59 m8:04 AM BST 10.37 m2:46 PM BST 1.90 m8:23 PM BST 10.66 m5:11 AM BST9:14 PM BST10:36 PM BST6:09 AM BST
Tue 073:09 AM BST 1.61 m8:46 AM BST 10.31 m3:27 PM BST 2.02 m9:04 PM BST 10.55 m5:12 AM BST9:14 PM BST11:09 PM BST7:18 AM BST
Wed 083:49 AM BST 1.75 m9:25 AM BST 10.12 m4:03 PM BST 2.22 m9:43 PM BST 10.31 m5:13 AM BST9:13 PM BST11:35 PM BST8:28 AM BST
Thu 094:24 AM BST 2.00 m10:03 AM BST 9.81 m4:36 PM BST 2.50 m10:20 PM BST 9.94 m5:14 AM BST9:12 PM BST11:58 PM BST9:37 AM BST
Fri 104:57 AM BST 2.34 m10:40 AM BST 9.41 m5:08 PM BST 2.85 m10:57 PM BST 9.47 m5:14 AM BST9:12 PM BST10:44 AM BST
Sat 115:30 AM BST 2.74 m11:17 AM BST 8.96 m5:42 PM BST 3.24 m11:35 PM BST 8.95 m5:15 AM BST9:11 PM BST12:17 AM BST11:50 AM BST
Sun 126:06 AM BST 3.17 m11:57 AM BST 8.51 m6:20 PM BST 3.65 m5:16 AM BST9:10 PM BST12:34 AM BST12:55 PM BST
Mon 1312:18 AM BST 8.46 m6:48 AM BST 3.58 m12:44 PM BST 8.13 m7:09 PM BST 4.00 mLast Quarter5:17 AM BST9:10 PM BST12:51 AM BST1:59 PM BST
Tue 141:10 AM BST 8.07 m7:42 AM BST 3.89 m1:43 PM BST 7.90 m8:13 PM BST 4.20 m5:19 AM BST9:09 PM BST1:09 AM BST3:05 PM BST
Wed 152:17 AM BST 7.89 m8:49 AM BST 3.99 m2:53 PM BST 7.93 m9:28 PM BST 4.11 m5:20 AM BST9:08 PM BST1:29 AM BST4:11 PM BST
Thu 163:29 AM BST 8.00 m10:00 AM BST 3.81 m4:01 PM BST 8.24 m10:37 PM BST 3.75 m5:21 AM BST9:07 PM BST1:53 AM BST5:19 PM BST
Fri 174:33 AM BST 8.37 m11:03 AM BST 3.42 m4:59 PM BST 8.73 m11:36 PM BST 3.24 m5:22 AM BST9:06 PM BST2:22 AM BST6:27 PM BST
Sat 185:28 AM BST 8.87 m11:57 AM BST 2.96 m5:49 PM BST 9.29 m5:23 AM BST9:05 PM BST2:58 AM BST7:31 PM BST
Sun 1912:27 AM BST 2.70 m6:16 AM BST 9.40 m12:47 PM BST 2.52 m6:35 PM BST 9.84 m5:24 AM BST9:04 PM BST3:45 AM BST8:29 PM BST
Mon 201:16 AM BST 2.21 m7:01 AM BST 9.89 m1:35 PM BST 2.13 m7:19 PM BST 10.32 mNew Moon5:25 AM BST9:03 PM BST4:44 AM BST9:18 PM BST
Tue 212:02 AM BST 1.79 m7:45 AM BST 10.29 m2:21 PM BST 1.80 m8:03 PM BST 10.70 m5:26 AM BST9:02 PM BST5:52 AM BST9:58 PM BST
Wed 222:48 AM BST 1.45 m8:29 AM BST 10.57 m3:06 PM BST 1.57 m8:46 PM BST 10.94 m5:28 AM BST9:00 PM BST7:08 AM BST10:31 PM BST
Thu 233:32 AM BST 1.23 m9:12 AM BST 10.70 m3:50 PM BST 1.47 m9:29 PM BST 11.00 m5:29 AM BST8:59 PM BST8:28 AM BST10:58 PM BST
Fri 244:16 AM BST 1.19 m9:55 AM BST 10.65 m4:34 PM BST 1.53 m10:12 PM BST 10.87 m5:30 AM BST8:58 PM BST9:48 AM BST11:21 PM BST
Sat 254:58 AM BST 1.36 m10:38 AM BST 10.41 m5:16 PM BST 1.77 m10:56 PM BST 10.55 m5:31 AM BST8:57 PM BST11:08 AM BST11:43 PM BST
Sun 265:41 AM BST 1.72 m11:23 AM BST 10.03 m6:00 PM BST 2.16 m11:41 PM BST 10.08 m5:33 AM BST8:55 PM BST12:27 PM BST
Mon 276:27 AM BST 2.21 m12:11 PM BST 9.56 m6:49 PM BST 2.63 mFirst Quarter5:34 AM BST8:54 PM BST1:47 PM BST12:05 AM BST
Tue 2812:33 AM BST 9.53 m7:19 AM BST 2.74 m1:08 PM BST 9.09 m7:47 PM BST 3.06 m5:35 AM BST8:53 PM BST3:06 PM BST12:28 AM BST
Wed 291:35 AM BST 9.02 m8:23 AM BST 3.16 m2:16 PM BST 8.76 m8:58 PM BST 3.30 m5:37 AM BST8:51 PM BST4:24 PM BST12:55 AM BST
Thu 302:50 AM BST 8.72 m9:37 AM BST 3.32 m3:35 PM BST 8.74 m10:15 PM BST 3.21 m5:38 AM BST8:50 PM BST5:39 PM BST1:27 AM BST
Fri 314:12 AM BST 8.79 m10:53 AM BST 3.16 m4:50 PM BST 9.07 m11:28 PM BST 2.85 m5:39 AM BST8:48 PM BST6:47 PM BST2:07 AM BST