Tide Times

Troy, Hudson River, New York tide calendar

The tide timetable below is calculated from Troy, Hudson River, New York but is also suitable for estimating tide times in the following locations:

April 2020 Tides

Wed 016:18 AM EDT 0.83 ft11:53 AM EDT 5.51 ft7:12 PM EDT 0.91 ftFirst Quarter6:36 AM EDT7:21 PM EDT11:44 AM EDT2:33 AM EDT
Thu 0212:23 AM EDT 4.39 ft7:16 AM EDT 0.78 ft12:55 PM EDT 5.54 ft8:07 PM EDT 0.76 ft6:34 AM EDT7:22 PM EDT12:46 PM EDT3:26 AM EDT
Fri 031:28 AM EDT 4.50 ft8:14 AM EDT 0.66 ft1:56 PM EDT 5.60 ft9:01 PM EDT 0.55 ft6:32 AM EDT7:23 PM EDT1:55 PM EDT4:13 AM EDT
Sat 042:31 AM EDT 4.71 ft9:11 AM EDT 0.49 ft2:55 PM EDT 5.68 ft9:52 PM EDT 0.32 ft6:30 AM EDT7:25 PM EDT3:10 PM EDT4:54 AM EDT
Sun 053:29 AM EDT 5.01 ft10:06 AM EDT 0.28 ft3:50 PM EDT 5.75 ft10:42 PM EDT 0.11 ft6:29 AM EDT7:26 PM EDT4:27 PM EDT5:30 AM EDT
Mon 064:23 AM EDT 5.34 ft11:00 AM EDT 0.09 ft4:43 PM EDT 5.77 ft11:30 PM EDT −0.05 ft6:27 AM EDT7:27 PM EDT5:45 PM EDT6:02 AM EDT
Tue 075:15 AM EDT 5.66 ft11:52 AM EDT −0.06 ft5:33 PM EDT 5.74 ftFull Moon6:25 AM EDT7:28 PM EDT7:04 PM EDT6:32 AM EDT
Wed 0812:18 AM EDT −0.14 ft6:04 AM EDT 5.93 ft12:43 PM EDT −0.15 ft6:23 PM EDT 5.63 ft6:24 AM EDT7:29 PM EDT8:23 PM EDT7:02 AM EDT
Thu 091:04 AM EDT −0.14 ft6:53 AM EDT 6.10 ft1:34 PM EDT −0.17 ft7:11 PM EDT 5.47 ft6:22 AM EDT7:30 PM EDT9:42 PM EDT7:33 AM EDT
Fri 101:52 AM EDT −0.05 ft7:41 AM EDT 6.18 ft2:26 PM EDT −0.12 ft8:00 PM EDT 5.26 ft6:20 AM EDT7:31 PM EDT10:58 PM EDT8:08 AM EDT
Sat 112:40 AM EDT 0.10 ft8:30 AM EDT 6.15 ft3:18 PM EDT −0.02 ft8:51 PM EDT 5.02 ft6:19 AM EDT7:32 PM EDT8:47 AM EDT
Sun 123:31 AM EDT 0.30 ft9:20 AM EDT 6.04 ft4:11 PM EDT 0.12 ft9:44 PM EDT 4.79 ft6:17 AM EDT7:34 PM EDT12:10 AM EDT9:32 AM EDT
Mon 134:24 AM EDT 0.50 ft10:13 AM EDT 5.86 ft5:06 PM EDT 0.25 ft10:40 PM EDT 4.59 ft6:15 AM EDT7:35 PM EDT1:15 AM EDT10:23 AM EDT
Tue 145:20 AM EDT 0.68 ft11:09 AM EDT 5.68 ft6:02 PM EDT 0.36 ft11:39 PM EDT 4.45 ftLast Quarter6:14 AM EDT7:36 PM EDT2:12 AM EDT11:20 AM EDT
Wed 156:17 AM EDT 0.80 ft12:07 PM EDT 5.51 ft6:58 PM EDT 0.40 ft6:12 AM EDT7:37 PM EDT2:59 AM EDT12:20 PM EDT
Thu 1612:40 AM EDT 4.41 ft7:14 AM EDT 0.84 ft1:06 PM EDT 5.39 ft7:52 PM EDT 0.39 ft6:10 AM EDT7:38 PM EDT3:38 AM EDT1:22 PM EDT
Fri 171:39 AM EDT 4.47 ft8:11 AM EDT 0.82 ft2:03 PM EDT 5.31 ft8:45 PM EDT 0.34 ft6:09 AM EDT7:39 PM EDT4:11 AM EDT2:23 PM EDT
Sat 182:36 AM EDT 4.61 ft9:06 AM EDT 0.74 ft2:57 PM EDT 5.26 ft9:35 PM EDT 0.27 ft6:07 AM EDT7:41 PM EDT4:39 AM EDT3:24 PM EDT
Sun 193:28 AM EDT 4.79 ft9:58 AM EDT 0.65 ft3:47 PM EDT 5.22 ft10:23 PM EDT 0.21 ft6:06 AM EDT7:42 PM EDT5:04 AM EDT4:24 PM EDT
Mon 204:16 AM EDT 4.99 ft10:48 AM EDT 0.56 ft4:34 PM EDT 5.15 ft11:08 PM EDT 0.20 ft6:04 AM EDT7:43 PM EDT5:27 AM EDT5:24 PM EDT
Tue 215:00 AM EDT 5.18 ft11:35 AM EDT 0.51 ft5:18 PM EDT 5.07 ft11:52 PM EDT 0.23 ft6:03 AM EDT7:44 PM EDT5:49 AM EDT6:23 PM EDT
Wed 225:41 AM EDT 5.33 ft12:21 PM EDT 0.49 ft5:59 PM EDT 4.96 ftNew Moon6:01 AM EDT7:45 PM EDT6:11 AM EDT7:23 PM EDT
Thu 2312:33 AM EDT 0.30 ft6:19 AM EDT 5.46 ft1:06 PM EDT 0.51 ft6:37 PM EDT 4.85 ft6:00 AM EDT7:46 PM EDT6:35 AM EDT8:24 PM EDT
Fri 241:14 AM EDT 0.40 ft6:56 AM EDT 5.56 ft1:49 PM EDT 0.56 ft7:14 PM EDT 4.74 ft5:58 AM EDT7:47 PM EDT7:01 AM EDT9:26 PM EDT
Sat 251:54 AM EDT 0.52 ft7:32 AM EDT 5.63 ft2:33 PM EDT 0.63 ft7:50 PM EDT 4.64 ft5:57 AM EDT7:49 PM EDT7:30 AM EDT10:28 PM EDT
Sun 262:34 AM EDT 0.63 ft8:08 AM EDT 5.68 ft3:18 PM EDT 0.70 ft8:27 PM EDT 4.57 ft5:55 AM EDT7:50 PM EDT8:05 AM EDT11:30 PM EDT
Mon 273:16 AM EDT 0.72 ft8:47 AM EDT 5.70 ft4:05 PM EDT 0.76 ft9:09 PM EDT 4.52 ft5:54 AM EDT7:51 PM EDT8:47 AM EDT
Tue 284:01 AM EDT 0.79 ft9:32 AM EDT 5.68 ft4:54 PM EDT 0.79 ft9:58 PM EDT 4.49 ft5:52 AM EDT7:52 PM EDT9:37 AM EDT12:29 AM EDT
Wed 294:53 AM EDT 0.83 ft10:23 AM EDT 5.63 ft5:46 PM EDT 0.77 ft10:55 PM EDT 4.49 ft5:51 AM EDT7:53 PM EDT10:35 AM EDT1:23 AM EDT
Thu 305:50 AM EDT 0.83 ft11:20 AM EDT 5.56 ft6:41 PM EDT 0.69 ft11:59 PM EDT 4.56 ftFirst Quarter5:49 AM EDT7:54 PM EDT11:40 AM EDT2:11 AM EDT